eLife – Towards open communication in science - Mark Patterson - 03/05/2019

Venerdì, 3 Maggio, 2019

03/05/2019 dalle 11.00 alle 12.00

Mark Patterson (Executive Director of eLife scientific journal)

"eLife – Towards open communication in science"


There is a wide and expanding range of options for scientists to share their ideas, opinions and findings. But in most people’s eyes the only channel that ‘counts’ is still the peer-reviewed journal article. This talk will explore the approaches that eLife, and others, are taking to improve the evaluation and presentation of research, along with some of the forces that might be challenging the primacy of the journal article, and how these changes could lead to a more transparent and collaborative culture in science.

Seminar Room at EMBL Rome
Host: EMBL



speaker(s): Mark Patterson

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