The Bachelor Degree in Sustainable Building Engineering (L23 Class)  has been delivered in Rieti since academic year 2018-2019. Starting from next academic year 2020-2021, it will be delivered also the Master Programme in Sustainable Building Engineering (LM 24 Class)

This degree aims to equip students with the knowledge and the necessary skills to ensure a sustainable future both for existing buildings and for those yet to be designed and built, as the pursuit of the objective of sustainable development continues to be one of the major global priorities of our era.

The main purpose of this degree will be to update the traditional and world-renowned, Italian civil and architectural engineering skill set, with increasing concern towards environmental protection and sustainable development. In that context, besides Italian students this degree is intended also and for the most part for foreign students, especially those coming from countries where Italian engineers have designed and built major public and private building buildings.


Beginning of Lessons

Lessons will start: Second Year: September 23rd First Year: September 30th Please note that 1st year students are expected to be in Rieti within September 16th, in the aim of attending the entering courses

Call for applications

Call for applications and admission procedures for the English Bachelor Degree Programme in: Sustainable Building Engineering Please, pay attention: the code you have to input in INFOSTUD, for your enrollment is 14617