Cultural commitment and knowledge-for-living in Andrés Iduarte’s literature: a study from the life sciences

Project title: Cultural commitment and knowledge-for-living in Andrés Iduarte’s literature: a study from the life sciences
Starting date: 01/11/2022
Type of action: MSCA-H2020-COFUND
Grant Agreement: 101034324
Application reference number: 21-CIVIS3i-PF-00836
Duration (months): 24
Recruiting University: Sapienza Università di Roma
P.I.: Manuel López Forjas

Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Tedeschi
Co-host University: University of Glasgow
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Nathanial Gardner
Secondment Mentor: Prof. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller
Secondment Institution: Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
«Alfonso Vélez Pliego”, at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla


The literary categories of the life sciences as a theoretical framework are a
very useful and novel field of interpretation for studying Hispanic American
culture. Studying the work of the Mexican writer Andrés Iduarte and his
Hispano-Americanism from this perspective is a pending task, but it is very
necessary nowadays, not only academic but also sociocultural. Hispano-
Americanism promotes a necessary dialogue that until today is broken at the
intercultural level, between Spain, Mexico and Latin America. The work of
Iduarte, as a Mexican author who studied in Spain and was a professor at
the prestigious Columbia University, after acquainting himself with several
Latin American authors, is central to change closed perspectives on literature
and its vitality. Otmar Ette's categories on the life sciences, applied to
literature, allow a powerful and disruptive approach that is the perfect fit for
studying Iduarte's work. This project has a transatlantic and transnational
perspective, which ambitiously seeks to break the molds that separate these
societies through a cultural revision. A complete and round study of the work
of Andrés Iduarte from the life sciences will seek to break down the
ideological barriers that prevent dialogue between Spain and the Latin
American nations. Respect for the dignity of each people, including the
Spanish, will be shown in a global context. To carry out this objective, it is
necessary to study Iduarte from the academic visions offered by the partner
universities of this program. This adds to my nationality, which is Mexican,
as an intercultural and academic manager that allows us to broaden Mexican
literature in a European context and give it its own Spanish-American

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