Bando 120/2017 - Ingegnerizzazione delle proprietà ottiche di punti quantici semiconduttori attraverso perturbazioni esterne (SPC: 2017-0070-1339-092335)

Codice bando: Bando 120/2017

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are nanostructures made of several thousands of atoms that can be created using hetero-epitaxial growth techniques. In spite of the remarkable progress in QD fabrication, the random nature of the growth processes does not allow the properties of these “artificial atoms” to be fully controlled. In this project, we aim at using external perturbations (in particular electric and stress fields provided by semiconductor-piezoelectric devices) to achieve full control over the electronic and optical properties of QDs. The devices will be investigated at temperature below 10 K by means of micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy.

Data pubblicazione: 18-12-2017
Data scadenza: 17-01-2018
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data pubblicazione approvazione atti: 27-02-2018
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