122/2017 - Segnali continui di onde gravitazionali: codici di elaborazione, ottimizzazione delle linee di analisi e NOEMI (Noise Frequency Event Miner) (SPC: 2017-0070-1339-092421)

Codice bando: Bando 122/2017

Directed Gravitational wave searches for continuous signal emitted by rotating isolated neutron stars. Application on LIGO and Virgo data O2 and O3 observational runs, of the recently developed pipeline for directed searches pointing to interesting astrophysical targets such as the "unidentified" Fermi-LAT sources, young supernova remnants and the Galactic Centre. The developed pipeline would be optimized in particular in its second part, which deals with the follow-up and verification step of the surviving candidates. The sensitivity of the method is compatible with expected Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Gravitational waves signals emitted by isolated neutron stars, making that type of searches one of the most promising tools for the detection of continuous gravitational wave (CW) signals.

Data pubblicazione: 19-12-2017
Data scadenza: 18-01-2018
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data pubblicazione approvazione atti: 30-01-2018
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