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The Royal School of Architecture of Rome, founded in 1920, was first hosted by the Royal Institute of Fine Arts, in Via Ripetta.
In 1932 it moved to the new building located in front of Villa Borghese within the "Valle delle Accademie".
The first library collection was donated by  professors Marcello Piacentini and Gustavo Giovannoni.
In 1964 the first Library Bulletin, containing the Library rules, was published.

During the seventies were donated the following collections:


  • Piacentini, left by the professor's daughter, Sofia Annesi Piacentini, consisting of 2,300 volumes and 60 periodicals;
  • Petracchini, consisting of an initial collection of 280 volumes intended to be loaned to students, which is still growing, thanks to the legacy of the Petracchini family;
  • Moretti, consisting of several years of periodicals;
  • Minnucci, consisting of over 2,000 volumes;
  • Fondo Greco, donated by friends in memory of prof. Saul Greco and destined to constitute the first collection of a second library of the Faculty, located in Piazza Borghese.

During the 2000s:

  • Vittorio Franchetti Pardo, which represents the professor's library
  • Spagnesi, which includes books of professors Gianfranco Spagnesi and Piero Cimbolli Spagnesi.


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