Opac Sapienza
Through the Sapienza Libraries Catalogue it is possible to search for ancient and modern books, scientific journals, audio-video materials and theses owned by the Sapienza Libraries. Moreover, by accessing with Infostud credentials, it is possible to request books on loan, reserve them if they are not available, and check the volumes in their possession..

The Sapienza Discovery (DS) is a powerful search engine that allows the simultaneous querying of most of the University's bibliographic resources, both paper and electronic. The search is carried out on the Sapienza OPAC, on electronic periodicals under subscription, on e-book collections, on databases, but also on the archives of doctoral thesis discussed at Sapienza.

ACNP / Sapienza

Catalog containing only journals in the Sapienza Libraries. ACNP / Sapienza

IRIS Sapienza

The catalog of research products of the University, allows, among other things, to consult the doctoral thesis.

OJS Sapienza

On the OJS (Open Journal System) platform there is a list of scientific journals edited by the departments of Sapienza and published in open access.


Metaopac allows you to view the cataloguing records of the library holdings of the Sections of:

    Philosophy of law
    Navigation law
    Criminal Law
    Private Law
    Roman law
    History of Italian Law

in the period before the advent of Sebina (SBN).

SBN (Sistema Bibliotecario Nazionale)

The SBN Catalogue is the collective catalog of the patrimony of the libraries participating in the National Library Service.

ACNP (Catalogo Italiano dei Periodici)

The Catalogue contains bibliographical descriptions of periodical publications owned by libraries located throughout the country and covers all subject areas.


The Sapienza Library System, established by D.R. n. 4461 of 15.12.2011, aims to ensure the preservation, development, enhancement and integrated management of the entire bibliographic and documentary heritage of Sapienza, as well as access to online information resources according to the needs of research, teaching and administration. It aims to ensure high standards of effectiveness and efficiency in the organization and operation of library services and networks and periodically verifies the degree of user satisfaction..

Library of the Court of Auditors

The "Antonino De Stefano" is one of the major national law libraries with a specialized character in the field of public law, civil law, economics and public accounting and with sections dedicated to the disciplines of the social sciences.

Parliamentary Library Pole

Unified access point for integrated research in the catalogs of the Parliamentary Library Complex. It allows to search individually or in integrated mode the complete catalogs of the Library of the Senate and of the Library of the Chamber of Deputies


The Unione Romana Biblioteche Ecclesiastiche (Roman Union of Ecclesiastical Libraries) was founded in 1991 and today consists of 16 Roman academic institutions (7 Pontifical Universities, 1 Athenaeum, 6 Institutes, 2 Faculties) and the Centro Pro Unione.


Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche is a cultural association of research and academic institutions active in the humanities.

Biblioteca Interdipartimentale di Scienze Giuridiche - BISG
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