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- Alimenti

- Nutraceutici

- Fluidi biologici

- Metabolomica

- Risonanza Magnetica Nucleare

Pubblicazioni scientifiche

Anno: 2021
Titolo pubblicazione Rivista Anno link Scopus link Sci_Dir
A multimethodological characterization of cannabis sativa l. Inflorescences from seven dioecious cultivars grown in Italy: The effect of different harvesting stages Molecules 2021 Sci_Dir
Nmr characterization of ten apple cultivars from the piedmont region Foods 2021 Sci_Dir
Anno: 2020
Titolo pubblicazione Rivista Anno link Scopus link Sci_Dir
Cannabis sativa L. Inflorescences from Monoecious Cultivars Grown in Central Italy: An Untargeted Chemical Characterization from Early Flowering to Ripening Molecules 2020 Sci_Dir
Characterization of local products for their industrial use: The case of Italian potato cultivars analyzed by untargeted and targeted methodologies Foods 2020 Sci_Dir
Chemico-biological characterization of torpedino di fondi® tomato fruits: A comparison with san marzano cultivar at two ripeness stages Antioxidants 2020 Sci_Dir
Commercial hemp seed oils: A multimethodological characterization Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 2020 Sci_Dir
Corrigendum to “Insights into sucrose pathway of chicory stems by integrative transcriptomic and metabolic analyses” [Phytochemistry Vol. 167 (November 2019) 112086 (Phytochemistry (2019) 167, (S0031942219300317), (10.1016/j.phytochem.2019.112086)) Phytochemistry 2020 Sci_Dir
Food and COVID-19: Preventive/co-therapeutic strategies explored by current clinical trials and in silico studies Foods 2020 Sci_Dir
New hybrid tomato cultivars: An NMR-based chemical characterization Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 2020 Sci_Dir
Phytochemical and biological characterization of Italian “sedano bianco di Sperlonga” Protected Geographical Indication celery ecotype: A multimethodological approach Food Chemistry 2020 Sci_Dir
Special issue on “NMR-based metabolomics and its applications Volume 2” Metabolites 2020 Sci_Dir
Anno: 2017
Titolo pubblicazione Rivista Anno link Scopus link Sci_Dir
Geographical characterization by MAE-HPLC and NIR methodologies and carbonic anhydrase inhibition of Saffron components Food Chemistry 2017 Sci_Dir
Molecular fingerprinting of food authenticity Current Opinion in Food Science 2017 Sci_Dir

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