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I am a plant molecular ecologist with a passion for ancient DNA studies. I am interested in studying how organisms, especially plants, adapted and changed in response to climate. In my group we also identify species from different ancient subtrates like lake sediments and cultural heritage materials to characterise samles important for historical, archeological and ecological reconructions. We use also modern DNA from contemporary plant populations to understand their current genetic relationships and history. For our taxonomicidentifications we use molecular techniques based on DNA shotgun sequencing and hybridization capture approaches. 

Since 1994 I have worked in Sweden at Uppsala University and from November 2019 I returned to Italy where I am Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome. I have a BSc/MSc degree (1991) in Agricultural Sciences, a PhD (2000) in Forest Genetics and a Swedish 'Docentur' (2012) in Plant Ecology.


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Research  - Do you want to know more about my recent research? Explore researchpeoplepublicationsteaching and photos pages at my personal homepageRead also our latest publication on Nature Communications


Keywords - Molecular ecology, Ancient DNA, Plant fossil record, Environmental DNA, Metabarcoding, Metagenomics, Lake sediments, Plant geography, Plant systematics. 



  • Advanced Biological Methods Applied to Cultural Heritage (MSc course in Sciences and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and in the Erasmus Mundus program ARCHMAT) 6 CFU, English.
  • Fitogeografia (BSc course in Natural Sciences) 6 CFU, Italian.
  • Sistematica e conservazione della flora (BSc course in Biological Sciences) 6 CFU, Italian.
  • Ecological Effects of Climate Change (PhD course, III year) 3 CFU, English.

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