Research areas & groups


The Department of Environmental Biology of the University of Rome Sapienza hosts an intense research activity in different areas of Biology and Botany. The main research areas and the respective referring professors are:

  • Anthropology - Anagnostou, Destro Bisol, Manzi, Tafuri - The group studies the natural history of Homo sapiens, in the framework of primate biology and its phylogenetic, adaptive and biocultural aspects, using both paleontological and neontological approaches.
  • Bioethics - Rufo - The research concerns the ethical implications determined by developments in biosciences, environmental ethics, the ethics of food and nutrition, the development of the relationship between science and society.
  • Molecular / cellular biology of plants - Altamura, Fabrini, Falasca, Fattorini, Pasqua, Valletta -
  • Pharmaceutical botany - Serafini, Foddai, Tomassini, Simonetti -
  • Environmental botany - Attorre, Burrascano, Capotorti, Celesti, Ricotta, Varone - This group studies the interactions between plants, fungi and the environment at different spatial scales. The research interests include the response of individuals, species, communities and landscapes to climate, substrates, pollution, natural and human disturbance, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the conservation of biodiversity at different levels of biological organization. 
  • Systematic botany - Iberite, Millozza -
  • Paleobotany and paleobiology - Celant, Magri, Parducci, Sadori - The research concerns the paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin during the Quaternary and uses both the analysis of micro and macro botanical remains and the analysis of ancient DNA extracted from lake sediments (metabarcoding and metagenomics).
  • Ecology - Costantini, Manes, Pace, Porretta, Vitale, Urbanelli -
  • Plant pathology and mycology - Faino, Miccheli, Persiani, Reverberi -
  • Agricultural chemistry and microbiology - Canepari, Manetti, Rizzello -

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