The Department of Medico-surgical Sciences and Biotecnologies was established on June 4, 2010 with the aim to aggregate academics of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine performing their istitutional activity in the Latina Campus and belonging to scientific areas related to basic sciences, diagnostics, medicine and surgery, for the promotion and coordination of multidisciplinary research. Academics of the Department of Medico-surgical Sciences and Biotecnologies, by virtue of the integration of existing research programs in basic and applied sciences with care activity in Health Departments of Health autority of Latina and Policlinico Umberto I of Rome pursue several lines of research, organized within the two sections, Section of Applied Biomedical Sciences and Section of Medical and Surgical Sciences. Many of interdisciplinary research lines involve the collaboration of researchers from the two sections.

Head of Department: Prof. Antonella Calogero

Head of Administrative office: Dott. Anna Del MOnte

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