Botany Building



The architectural, painting, and sculpture synergies that define the Sapienza University Campus, designed and produced as a "collective work", are what make up the artistic legacy of Sapienza University.

The dialogue between past and present, memory, tradition and research characterizes Sapienza as an "open-air museum", a place of protection and knowledge of yesterday's public art and today's communicative and interactive showcase with the cultural and scientific value of its museums, their historical collections and temporary exhibitions.

In her paper the "From the building to the museum", Dr. Ida Mitrano reconstructs the history of some buildings of the Sapienza Campus, of which the museums, already foreseen in the original projects, are an integral part of the the past as well as of the present day.

The Herbarium Museum in the Botany building is an excellent representation of this blending of old and new structure.

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