If I have a lower average than the one required by the call, can I still participate?

No, you would be excluded

If I have taken an exam but it has not yet been recorded on Infostud, how can I ensure that it is considered in the Erasmus application?

Only for exams taken but not yet registered on Infostud, the student can self-certify them in the appropriate section of the application form. Attention: check the data carefully, that it is not already registered on infostud in order not to declare falsehood, under penalty of exclusion

The foreign university requires a linguistic certification that I do not possess, can I still choose it as a destination?

Yes, provided that at the time of the application the student has managed to obtain the certification and the language level required by the host university

The foreign university requires the knowledge of 2 languages, I have the linguistic requirement only in one of the two languages. Can I still choose it as a destination?

Yes, it is enough to have the linguistic requirement in only one of the two languages, unless otherwise specified by the university in the notice. Before applying, make sure by email to the host university that there are indeed courses in the language in which you are eligible

There are no places available for the language test, is there a way to take the test anyway?

For all information on the language test, contact Cla (segreteriacla@uniroma1.it)

Are the exams chosen in section 10 of the application form binding or can they be changed?

They are not binding, the study plan will be drawn up with the compilation of the learning agreement if winners of the scholarship

How is the score calculated? And with the same score?

There are two parameters: Weighted average and ratio of acquired credits to curriculum credits. In the event of equal scores, the language certificate is taken into consideration and priority is given to those who have not had an Erasmus experience

Can I do my thesis abroad with the Erasmus call?

No. In Erasmus you can only do research for your Italian thesis but you cannot proceed with the search for a supervisor in the foreign university. The call for thesis abroad usually comes out at the end of May and is handled by the secretariat of the Presidency

Is it possible to change destination?

Yes, only if the student renounces the assigned campus and requests to be part of the eligible non-assigned students.

What if I'm an eligible non-assignee?

Non-assigned students will receive a communication from us in order of ranking to make the choice between the remaining universities.

How to accept the assigned scholarship?

After the ranking is released, you will be awarded the scholarship on the Socrates platform. You will receive notification of this assignment by email. You will have 5 days to accept the bag on the platform. In case of withdrawal, please communicate your intention not to accept the scholarship to the Erasmus office. Subsequently, after 5 days, you will receive all the information on the office assigned to you and on all the procedures to follow from that moment on.

What is the learning agreement?

The LA is the document that contains the study plan that the student will carry out in Erasmus and must be done independently by the student with the support of his/her Academic Head of International Mobility (RAM) who must approve it.

What do I have to send to my RAM to agree on the learning agreement?

A double Excel prospectus by email, with the Italian exams on one side and the foreign exams on the other and the corresponding ECTS credits. Foreign exams and Italian exams must be compatible as well as the sum of ECTS credits between Italian exams and foreign exams must be the same. Alongside the exams, students must also include the course program link in the excel prospectus, so the RAM is easier to check the compatibility between foreign and Italian exams.

Who should it be signed by?

Once the LA has been approved, students will be able to download it and will have to sign it both themselves and their Host University. The signature by Sapienza consists of the digital signature affixed by the RAM, which is already present when the document is downloaded. Once provided with all three signatures, students must upload their LA in the UPLOAD section.

Can I take an exam of the previous year (or of the following year) in Erasmus?

Yes, in the LA there are no semester or year constraints (as regards the exams they should take at Sapienza).

Can I take a bachelor's degree exam at the host university if I'm in a master's degree?

Agree with allocated RAM.

I want to change my LA because I would like to take another exam during Erasmus, can I do it?

Yes, it is always possible to change the LA before departure but the student must go through the entire initial procedure and request approval from the RAM. If the times between modification of the LA and the student's departure are too short, it is advisable to start with that LA and then modify it with the Change Form.

What is the change form?

It is a document with which the student modifies the learning agreement, and therefore his/her study plan, during the Erasmus period.

How will the monetary contributions be disbursed?

For all information on contributions and on the isee, contact SMOUT (smout@uniroma1.it).

How can I put the ISEE on my Erasmus personal page?

You must authorize the transfer of your ISEE to Infostud, so that it is automatically acquired by the page.

The Insurance?

Address the question to Smout for information about it.

When will I receive scholarship payments?

80% of contributions are paid approximately one month after sending the declaration of arrival to Smout. The remaining 20% ​​after the validation of the certificate of attendance has been implemented. For more specific information, contact Smout, which is the competent office.

How many credits must be achieved in Erasmus?

The minimum of credits is 6 credits (see the notice). If these credits are not acquired, you are not entitled to the Erasmus grant and you must return the full amount of the grant. A maximum of 30 credits can be achieved in one semester. IF the RAM approves, even 36 credits. In one year we go to a maximum of 60/66 credits.

Can I reduce the scholarship?

If you have won a 10-month scholarship, it is possible to reduce the scholarships but it would be preferable to choose destinations with the desired monthly payments.

Do I have to pay the fees for the academic year at Sapienza or at the Host University?

Taxes must be regularly paid to Sapienza, according to the deadlines of Sapienza.

Do I have to upload the letter of admission given to me by the Host University?

No, you have to keep it for when you leave.

Can I change the starting semester?

Of course, the important thing is to communicate this intention to the Erasmus office by the nomination deadline for the first semester.

What is the Erasmus Code of Sapienza University?


Where can I find the Certificate of Attendance?

The student must download it from the Erasmus personal page and have it signed by the host university. It cannot be sent directly by the student but by the host university.

How do I enter grades?

After the documents have been uploaded, the student will receive an email from Smout. ATTENTION the student must not insert the grades converted into thirty but the grades that are on his Transcript, with the foreign grade. The conversion into thirtieths will be carried out by the Erasmus office.

How are they then validated?

Once the grades have been entered, the student will receive an email containing a grade proposal that the student can accept or reject. If the student approves the vote conversion and the RAM approves it will be seen in the section CERTIFICATE OF VALIDATION RECEIVED written YES and contextually in the section TRANSMITTED TO INFOSTUD: YES. Soon the student will see his grades appear on Infostud.

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