Giacomo Leopardi's Zibaldone di pensieri: Meaning, Aim(s), Readings

  • 11 February 2009

The Leopardi Centre at Birmingham held a study-day on Giacomo Leopardi and his Zibaldone di pensieri. Four researchers from within and outside the Italian Department gave papers on aspects of history, reception, sources and approaches to the Zibaldone; final year students presented and discussed their dissertation work.

The day ended with the launch of Cosetta Veronese’s The Reception of Giacomo Leopardi in the Nineteenth Century: Italy’s Greatest Poet after Dante? presented by Prof. Michael Caesar.


Cosetta Veronese (University of Birmingham) The Zibaldone: a Greenhouse and a Legacy

Emanuela Cervato (Nottingham Trent University) Leopardi’s Zibaldone as autonomous text

Valentina Pucci La caduta delle ultime illusioni nella Storia del genere umano 

Judith Allan The myth of the fall in the Operette morali

Elena Capucci Una riflessione sulla morte come lutto e tragedia senza significato

Linda Moschi Anatomia dell’amore in Leopardi

Paola Cori (University of Birmingham) From Clarity to Memory in the Writing of the Zibaldone

Fabio Camilletti (ICI Berlin-University of Birmingham) Quotations and Fragmentariness in the Zibaldone

Professor Michael Caesar presents the volume by Cosetta Veronese: The Reception of Giacomo Leopardi in the Nineteenth Century:Italy’s Greatest Poet after Dante?

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