During the second part of the master, students will have the opportunity to carry out an internship / traineeship at organizations with recognized expertise in the sector.

The internship can be carried out at the Colosseum Archaeological Park, where, through the offices in charge of protection, research and enhancement, students will be allowed to apply the skills acquired during the course in a reality of global impact, which annually counts about seven millions of visitors. Alternatively, students will be able to carry out an internship at other partner institutions, subject to agreement with the Course Director.
Among the other partners of the master where to carry out the internship period there are also the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences, hub of the CNR for research, innovation, training and technology transfer of the strategic area of ​​Cultural Heritage of the CNR. , and Visivalab, atelier of professionals in the design, technology and communication of Cultural Heritage, based in Rome and Barcelona.