Tuesday, March 15, 2022 08:30 - 13:00 a.m.

House of the Aviator - Viale dell'Università, 20, Rome


The Rome Chapter of AFCEA International has for many years decided to fund scholarships for representatives of the Armed Forces within the framework of Level II Master's degrees provided by leading universities, in line with the objectives of promoting the STEM disciplines, which are fundamental in the Association's fields of interest and consistent with the founding principles expressed in its Statute.

The effort began in 2012 with three scholarships, for Army, Navy and Air Force, continuing annually without interruption until today, with the Master's Degree Level II in "Engineering and International Space Law in Communication, Navigation and Satellite Sensing Systems" provided by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata."

Subsequently, in the 2019/2020 Academic Year, this effort was strengthened with the awarding of scholarships for the three Armed Forces within the framework of the Level II Master's Program in "Optics and Quantum Information" organized by the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering of "Sapienza", University of Rome. Despite the additional difficulty due to the spread of the COVID19 pandemic, results were always and still of the highest level as evidenced by the grades obtained by Master's students.

In order to give evidence and recognition to the effort of the attending officers contextually to the fulfillment of their service assignments, the Chapter decided to organize an event for the presentation of the theses carried out in the last academic years, representative of the two Master's degrees.

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08:30 Registration
09:00 Greetings Gen.I.C.(r) Antonio Tangorra - AFCEA Rome Chapter
09:10 La Sapienza Master II presentation, Prof. Concita SIBILIA/Prof. Fabio A. BOVINO - University of Rome La Sapienza
09:20 Quantum Radar, Capt. Salvatore DE MATTIA - NATO M&S Centre of Excellence
09:40 Swarm Based Mobile Quantum Network, Lt. Vittorio CALLIGARIS - A.M. Experimental Flight Department.
10:00 Quantum Deep Learning: The Case Study of Boltzmann Machines, Lt. Saverio DE VITO - A.M. Logistics Command - RESIA
10:20 Quantum Satellite Communications, Marcello Orlandesi - Cyber Security Department - E.I.
11:10 Presentation of Master II Tor Vergata, Prof. Ernestina CIANCA - University of Rome Tor Vergata
11:20 Preliminary design of an inter-satellite link for COSMO and SICRAL constellations Lt. Garn. Veronica VISSICCHIO, Space Operations Command - C.G.I.C. SICRAL
11:40 The use of satellite systems for maritime surveillance, T.V.(AN)Filippo MANNI - Stato Maggiore Marina
12:00 Information security management system of the National PRS Center C.C.(AN) Stefano D'AGOSTINO, Space Operations Command (COS)
12:20 Evaluation of performance and space operations of a geostationary satellite with electrical propulsion, Lt. Eng. Vincenzo LAMORTE - Segredifesa IV Reparto
12:40 Comparison of total column ozone values collected on board satellite..........with data collected at ground......CTM, TCol(F)Alessandro GALLIANI - A.M. Logistic Command - Technical Center for Meteorology
13:10 Conclusions, Gen.I.C.(r) Antonio Tangorra - AFCEA Rome Chapter

Access will be allowed only to those with an active green pass, and masks must be worn for the duration of the event.


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