The Master, COURSE CODE 16120, aims to create a training course aimed at increasing the psychophysical well-being of the individual by restoring the homeostatic balance as opposed to stressful events that negatively affect both the nervous system and the endocrine system but above all the immune system by favoring the development and progression of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and cerebrovascular diseases. The purpose of this master is to offer an update and an in-depth analysis on the factors that regulate the interactions between lifestyle (dietary factors, physical activity, stress) and homeostatic mechanisms of our organism, describing not only the cellular pathways involved, with particular regard to epigenetic mechanisms, but also the role of endophenotype and environmental impact in the development of multifactorial diseases. The most modern methods of body composition analysis and the role of quantitative analysis of movement in eating disorders and neurodegenerative diseases will also be illustrated. The synergistic effect of some natural products added to the diet in the induction of cellular pathways capable of safeguarding synaptic plasticity and vascular function will be illustrated. Questionnaires for stress assessment and stress prevention strategies will also be presented. The Master's course is aimed at subjects interested in developing a concrete professionalism in the medical-sports-nutritional field or in disciplinary sectors directly or indirectly connected to it. Those who will achieve the Master in question will acquire skills that can potentially be used in the biomedical sector that deals with optimizing performance in the sports field, as well as preventing chronic and stress-related inflammatory diseases and making early diagnoses for effective therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments.

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