Near Future Design

The Near Future Design workshop held by Salvatore Iaconesi e Oriana Persico was the first workshop of the 2013/2014 academic year. In this one week intensive experience students got introduced to an novel approach of developing innovative products and services.
The method consists of the following steps:

I. Initial analysis:

    -state of art and technologies

    -etnografic analysis: emerging rituals, perception of the sense of the “possibile”

    -pass from the observed “established narratives” to recognize the “strange now” e le “future possibilities”, attraverso il “design for the new normal”

II. Itearative concept creation:

    -brief derived from the initial analysis

    -concept design

    -user journey

    -sketching e ultra-rapid prototyping (scenarios, role-playing)


III. Presentation through design fiction:

    -story functions

    -event maps

    -representation (storyboard, sketch)

    -representation (pre-totypes)

    -transmedia narrative (object, services, web, social, urban, guerrilla…)