Seminars and meetings

Lunedì, 20 Maggio, 2019

20 maggio 2019 ore 11.00

Dinu Florin Albeanu (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA) ...

Mercoledì, 4 Settembre, 2019

4-6 Settembre 2019

First European Purine Meeting 2019

The organizing committee is pleased to announce the First European Purine Meeting to be held in Santiago de Compostela from 4-6 September 201...

Take a look at the EMBO|EMBL Symposia that we have in store in the second half of the year

Jointly organised by EMBO and EMBL, the symposia focus on interdisciplinary topics in the life sciences and provide scientists with a platform to discuss and exchange ideas on forward-looking topics...


Joint Meeting of the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS) and the Italian Physiological Society (SIF)

Abstract submission Extended deadline: March 31


Venerdì, 27 Settembre, 2019

27/09/2019 dalle 11.00 alle 12.00

Barbara Krahé (University of Potsdam)

“Why do Humans Harm and Kill Each Other?  A Psychological Perspective on the Causes of Aggression and Violence”


Venerdì, 17 Maggio, 2019

17/05/2019 dalle 14.00 alle 15.30

Iroki Asari (The European Molecular Biology laboratory -EMBL)

Feedback loops in the early visual system...

Venerdì, 3 Maggio, 2019

03/05/2019 dalle 11.00 alle 12.00

Mark Patterson (Executive Director of eLife scientific journal)

"eLife – Towards open communication in science"


Venerdì, 29 Marzo, 2019

29/03/2019 alle 10

Winfried Denk

Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany (

Venerdì, 5 Aprile, 2019

5/04/2019 ore dalle 14.00 alle 15.30

Prof. Salvatore Maria Aglioti (Sapienza Università di Roma)

Cognitive Social and Affective Neuroscience


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