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Martedì, 23 Giugno, 2020



Tuesday, June 23rd 2020 h 14:00




NeuroCentre Magendie U1215 INSERM Université de Bordeaux

Group "Endocannabinoids and Neuroadaptation



Mitochondria are the main energy power-plants of cells. As the brain is one the most energy consuming organs in the body, mitochondrial processes are key signalling elements of behavioural functions. We discovered that cannabinoid type-1...

Mercoledì, 26 Febbraio, 2020
Astrocytes in aging and in Alzheimer's disease 
Prof. Alexei Verkhratsky
Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology
University of Manchester
26 Febbraio 2020 ore 10.30
Aula Bovet, Edificio di Fisiologia...
Venerdì, 28 Febbraio, 2020
The Body in the Brain & the Social World
Neuroscience goes social 3.0
Sarah Garfinkel
University of Sussex, UK
Giovanni Pezzulo...
Venerdì, 21 Febbraio, 2020
Bilingual neurons in aversive memories. The case of VGLUT3
Stéphanie Daumas
Department of Neuroscience, Institut of Biology, Paris
Seine, Sorbonne University, Paris
Friday, February 21, 2020, 15:30
RM111-Aula Magna, Edificio C,...
Venerdì, 25 Settembre, 2020


Perception-action interaction in Tourette Syndrome in the light of the theory of...

Venerdì, 14 Febbraio, 2020
"The function of short- and long-range GABAergic neurons for spatial coding and memory"
Prof. Hannah Monyer
Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences, University of Heidelberg
Giovedì, 20 Febbraio, 2020


10:00  Lightsheet and clearing technology to acquire image of big samples at unprecedent resolution

  Christian Feulliet, Miltenyi Biotec

10:40  3D imaging of solvent-cleared brains: a new tool to study the development organization of the neuroendocrine circuits controlling fertility

  Paolo Giacobini INSERM: Lille, FR

11:20  Coffee break

Giovedì, 27 Febbraio, 2020

Shedding new light: advanced microscopy for neuroscience research

Date to be defined 


Thursday, Febrary 27

10:00   NOLIMITS: an advance imaging facility

  Alex Costa, University...

Martedì, 28 Gennaio, 2020
Michele Dibattista
Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche di Base, Neuroscienze e Organi di Senso, Università degli Studi fi Bari «Aldo Moro»
Seminar: "Chasing olfactory kinetics"
Tuesday, January 28, h: 11.00
Aula Luciani (...
Martedì, 10 Dicembre, 2019

Videostreaming 9.00-19.00


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