Sapienza 5.0 for Italy

Sapienza 5.0 is a project promoted by the Research and Services Center Saperi&Co and Sapienza University of Rome and conceived by Quantum Leap IP, designed for companies that want to produce value by adding an ethical vision and entrepreneurial attitude to product quality and innovation. and sustainable. Sapienza 5.0 for Italy is the joint response of Sapienza University of Rome and Quantum Leap IP, a leading company in Technology Transfer and Open Innovation, to the question "how to build the business of the future?"; The Open Innovation approach within the 5.0 ecosystem places the human being at the center of the technological transformation, which aims to create profit and well-being for the company and its stakeholders. In this way, an integrated model is built that enhances the latent potential and business performance. Sapienza 5.0 for Italy supports and guides the company to apply interdisciplinary projects, studied in collaboration with the protagonists of the company. Following the paradigm of Open Innovation 5.0, a concept and methodology conceived by Quantum Leap on the basis of the principles of Open Innovation and Society 5.0, applied research and technology transfer become the distinctive economic engine of companies that think in perspective and want relaunch its business to extend the competitive advantage towards the new frontiers of innovation. Sapienza 5.0 for Italy provides companies with a path to actively plan the evolution towards a new approach to business through the tools of the IP Strategy and consistent diversification. The result is the construction of a concrete plan applicable in the short to medium term, developed by the company together with the multidisciplinary team of Saperi &Co and Quantum Leap IP.



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