MMMS@Micromechanics and Instabilities in Soft Functional Composites

Martedì, 11 Aprile, 2017

Stephan Rudykh, Assistant Professor at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, will give the next talk in the
seminar series Mechanics and Mathematics of Soft Materials and Strutures @ DISG.

In this presentation, I will specifically focus on the role of
microstructures in the overall performance of deformable
multifunctional composites. We will explore the behavior of soft
electroactive composites that got the name of “artificial muscles.”

These materials can undergo large deformations when excited by
external electric fields, making them extremely attractive as
multifunctional actuators and sensors. Next, we will turn to bioinspired
flexible armor, which draws its design principles from fish
scale-type dermal protective systems. As a personal armor, these
composites grant protection while preserving the flexibility so that the
movement is not restricted. We will consider how large deformations
and elastic instabilities can be used to trigger dramatic pattern
transformations and control a large variety of functionalities; in
particular, the design of switchable acoustic metamaterials will be
The analytical and numerical findings, as well as the experimental
results of 3D-printed composites will illustrate the ideas.

Biblioteca – Sala Ingegneria Geotecnica, 20 aprile ore 12

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