A multiscale approach for material softening and residual strains in soft materials with unfolding domains

Martedì, 5 Luglio, 2016

We present a “robust” multiscale model for protein materialsconstituted by macromolecules undergoing strain-inducedunfolding effects. To analyze the effectiveness of the model wetested the macroscopic cyclic behavior of spider silks and of akeratin proteins such as human, cow and rabbit hairs. Byadopting experimental values of the macromolecular materialparameters, we show thatthe model reproduces with surprisingaccuracy the obtained experimental behavior with a stronglynon linear damage and large permanent stretches.The proposed approach represents in our opinion a significantstep forward also in the design of new bioinspired historydependent materials.Giuseppe Puglisi, venerdì 8 giugno, 11.30 Sala Geotecnica Biblioteca Disg

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