Finance, Mathematics & Philosophy - Workshop




Increasingly finance, mathematics and philosophy are posing and solving problems reciprocally. Mathematics is being employed to make sense of the behaviour of financial markets, to detect patterns that may enable us to forecast the behaviour of financial systems. Philosophy is used to develop new approaches for solving these problems. Finance continually dishes up new problems, which it cannot solve alone. The workshop will examine how one contributes to advancing knowledge in the others.

The workshop acts as the conclusion of the meetings of the stage Finance, Mathematics & Philosophy.


Villa MIrafiori, Via Carlo Fea 2, Roma

12-13 June 2014, Room V

Places are limited to 80

Registration required

No fees





For the complete program (poster, abstracts, bio-info), click here. 



Thursday 12 June 2014

9:45-10:45 Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra (LSE), Synthetic Markets and the Design of Economic Institutions   video   slides
10:45-11:10 Discussion
coffee break
11:20-12:20  Matthias Leiss (ETH Risk Center)Super-exponential endogenous bubbles in an equilibrium model of rational and noise traders    video
12:20-12:45 Discussion
15:30-16:30 Alex Preda (UCL), Finance as a boundary science. What can social scientists bring to the table?    video   slides
16:30-16:55 Discussion
coffee break
17:10-18:10 Luciano Pietronero (ISC-CNR), Economic complexity    video
18:10-18:35 Discussion
18:40-19:30 Round Table: Leiss, Pardo-Guerra, Pietronero, Preda    video
Chairman: Sergio Caprara (Sapienza University of Rome)

Friday 13 June 2014

9:45-10:45 Emiliano Ippoliti (Sapienza), Heuristic and Finance   video
10:45-11:45 Discussion
coffee break
11:20-12:20 Steve Keen (Kingston University - London), The Dodgy Dynamic of Economics  video
12:20-12:45 Discussion
15:30-16:30 Ping Chen (China Center for Economic Research), Mathematical Representation in Economics and Finance: Empirical Relevance and Philosophical Preference    video   slides
16:30-16:55 Discussion
coffee break
17:10- 18:10 Guido Maria Brera (Kairos Partners), On the trading floor there is a reflection of the world. Outside there is the world, oblivious to its own reflection.
18:10-18:35 Discussion
18:40- 19:30 Round Table: Brera, Chen, Keen, Ippoliti 
Chairman: Sergio Caprara (Sapienza University of Rome) 
20:50 social dinner



- Sapienza Departments of Philosophy, Mathematics, and Physics
- Studio Ippoliti SrL

Scientific Committee:


Donald Gillies (University College London)
Maria-Grazia Ietto (WEA)
Sergio Caprara (Physics - Sapienza University of Rome)
Emiliano Ippoliti (Philosophy - Sapienza University of Rome

Organizing Committee:

Emiliano Ippoliti
Rossella Carapellese (Sapienza University of Rome)
Eleonora De Caroli (Sapienza University of Rome)
Giulia Miotti (Sapienza University of Rome)
Antonio Ristori (Sapienza University of Rome)


organization and info: Emiliano Ippoliti -