Science & Philosophy is a series of seminars aiming at deepening some of the most puzzling issues put forward in the course of philosophical and scientific thought, and their main historical-conceptual branches.These issues are approached through the contribution of both philosophy and various scientific disciplines--natural and social.  

Each debate in the head-to-head (h2h) series will see a confrontation between two experts who hold different positions on a particular issue in philosophy or science. Each expert will attempt to demonstrate the strengths of her or his position in comparison with the other. The aim is to stimulate discussion and understanding of the issue at stake. 

Science & Reality (2009-present) is a stage directed to undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students in philosophy, mathematics, physics and economics. It is devoted to the study of scientific modelling of physical and social world. It is designed in a way resembling the medioeval disputationes

Finance, Methematics and Philosophy is a workshop that examines finance especially in relation to mathematics and philosophy. In particular it examines some of the most employed and effective hypotheses put forward to explain the behavior of financial markets. This examination takes a philosophical perspective aiming at investigating the assumptions and the methods used by these hypotheses. Furthermore the workshop focuss on the role of mathematics, and physics, in the modelling and forecast the behavior of stock markets. The workshop comprises debate between teams of students (undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D.) made up of students of physics, mathematics and philosophy. 

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