Science & Philosophy Colloquia



Science & Philosophy is a series of seminars aiming at deepening some of the most puzzling issues put forward in the course of philosophical and scientific thought, and their main historical-conceptual branches.

These issues are approached through the contribution of leading figures both in philosophy and various scientific disciplines.

Supported by:

  • Sapienza Departments of Philosophy, Physics and Mathematics
  • Sapienza Ph.d Progam in Philosophy
  • Studio Ippoliti SrL

organization and info:

Emiliano Ippoliti -

Diana Quarantotto -

Series Calendar
Scientific Modelling. A primer  
Room XII - Villa Mirafiori - 25 october 2016 - 10:30-12:30
10:35–10:45 Introduction Emiliano Ippoliti Sapienza University of Rome  
10:45–11:45 Scientific Modelling. A primer Roman Frigg LSE  
11:45–12:00 break 
12:00–12:30 Debate open to the public
Hylomorphism: the Ancient Theory Solving Modern Problems 
Room XII - Villa Mirafiori - 3 october 2016 - 10:30-12:30
10:35–10:45 Introduction Diana Quarantotto Sapienza University of Rome  
10:45–11:45 Hylomorphism: the Ancient Theory Solving Modern Problems William Jaworski Fordham University slide 
11:45–12:00 A reply Simone Gozzano University L'Aquila 
12:00–12:30 Debate open to the public
- The Consequences of Gödel 
Room XI - Villa Mirafiori - 11 may 2016 - 17:30-19:30 (in Italian)
17:35–17:45 Introduction Emiliano Ippoliti Sapienza University of Rome  
17:45–18:15 The Consequences of Gödel: mathematics  Claudio Bernardi Sapienza - Mathematics  slide 
18:15–18:45 The Consequences of Gödel: logic and philosophy Mario Piazza University of Chieti slide
18:45–19:30 Debate open to the public
- La Fisica e Aristotele. Due visioni a confronto (Physics and Aristotle. Comparing Two views)

Room XII - Villa Mirafiori- 4 November 2015 - 14:30-16:30 (in Italian)

14:35-14:45 Opening Diana Quarantotto Sapienza University of Rome

14:45-15:20 La Fisica di Aristotele vista da un fisico Carlo Rovelli CPT Marseille

15:20-15:50 In che senso la Fisica di Aristotele è una fisica 'idrostatica' Monica Ugaglia SNS Pisa

15:50-16:30 dibattito - modera Diana Quarantotto Sapienza University of Rome

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Video (in Italian)

- Funding and Research
Room X - Villa Mirafiori - 20 may 2015 - 15:30-18:00
15:35–15:45 Models of discovery as policies Emiliano Ippoliti Sapienza University of Rome  ppt presentation
15:55–16:45 Funding and Research Donald Gillies University College London   ppt presentation
16:45–17:00 Break 
17:00–17:10 Testing the excellence dogma: some recent discoveries in physics and mathematics Francesco Sylos-Labini Enrico Fermi Center & ISC-CNR   ppt presentation 

17:10–18:00 Debate

Video part I - part II
- Aristotle's Philosophy of Mathematics
Room X - Villa Mirafiori - 16 February 2015 - 15:30-17:30
15:30–15:35 Opening Carlo Cellucci Sapienza University of Rome
15:35–16:20 Aristotle's Philosophy of Mathematics Donald Gillies University College London 
16:35–17:30 Discussion
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- What is finance like (Come è la finanza)
Room X - Villa Mirafiori- 17 December 2014 - 11:30-13:30 (in Italian)
11:30-11:40 Opening Emiliano Ippoliti Sapienza University of Rome
11:40-12:40 What is finance like (Come è la finanza) Guido Brera Kairos Partners - Gianluca Codganone Fidentiis Italia
12:40-13:30 debate
chair Sergio Caprara Sapienza University of Rome
- Rethinking Logic from a Heuristic Point of View 
Room I - Villa Mirafiori - 2 December 201410:30-13:30 (in Italian) 
10:30-10:40 Opening Giovanna Corsi President of SILFS, University of Bologna
10:40-10:50 Book presentation: 'Rethinking Logic' Emiliano Ippoliti Sapienza
10:50-12:00 Debate Carlo Cellucci Sapienza, Giovanna Corsi University of Bologna, Mario De Caro Roma Tre, Rosaria Egidi Roma Tre, Fabio, Sterpetti Sapienza 
Chair Mario De Caro
12:15-12:25 Book presentation: 'From a Heuristic Point of View' Cesare Cozzo Sapienza
12:25-13:30 Debate Carlo Cellucci Sapienza, Michele Abrusci Roma Tre, Claudio Bernardi Sapienza, Cesare Cozzo Sapienza, Maria Carla Galavotti University of Bologna
Chair Maria Carla Galavotti
- The problem of prevision (Il problema della previsione)
Room II - Villa Mirafiori - 7 February 2014 - 11:00-13:00 (in Italian) 
11:00–11:05 E. Ippoliti, S. Caprara, Opening
11:05–12:05 A. Vulpiani (Physics, Sapienza University of Rome), The problem of prevision (Il problema della previsione) - slides Vulpiani
12:05–12:25 P. Franchin (Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome), Comment - slides Franchin
12:25 – 13:10 Discussion

- Technological Origins of the Einsteinian Revolution
Room II - Villa Mirafiori  - 13 October 2013 - 11:30-13:30
11:25–11:30 C. Cellucci (Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome), Opening
11:30–12:20 D. Gillies (UCL), Technological Origins of the Einsteinian Revolution
12:20–12:40 S. Caprara (Physics, Sapienza University of Rome), Comment
12:40–13:30 Discussion
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- Learning to travel in conceptual space
Villa Mirafiori – Sala Riunioni Dipartimento (II floor) -  13 Aprile 2013 - 10:00-13:00
10:00–10:10 E. Ippoliti, Opening
10:10–12:20 A. Bierman (SFSU), Learning to travel in conceptual space
12:20–13:00 Discussion
Complete programme


- Abduction and the generation and evaluation of hypotheses (Abduzione e generazione e valutazione di ipotesi)
Villa Mirafiori – Room X - 10 May 2012 - 10:30-12:30 (in Italian)
10:30–10:35 E. Ippoliti (Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome), Opening
10:35–11:45 L. Magnani (Unversity of Pavia), Abduction and the generation and evaluation of hypotheses (Abduzione e generazione e valutazione di ipotesi)
11:45–12:30 Discussion