Research Interests

1. Analysis of molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in neuronal cells differentiation and diseases.

2. Isolation and cryopreservation of mouse and human cells.

3. Characterization of the MicroRNAs involved in the deregulation of signaling pathways sustaining disease development.

4. Identification of MicroRNAs involved in cancer onset, in particular brain tumors such as Medulloblastoma.

5. Development of approaches for large-scale analysis of gene expression and epigenetic networks including microRNAs and Long non coding RNAs.

6. Identification of new molecular markers of diseases susceptible to become therapeutic targets.

7. Analysis of the role of deregulated Hedgehog signaling pathway in solid tumors (e.g. Lung cancer, Colorectal cancer, Medulloblastoma).

8. Neural Stem Cells and Molecular Networks.

9. Circulating nucleic acids (microRNA and ctDNA) as disease biomarkers.

10. Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma.

11. Obesity.