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Advisory Board

Member Affiliation Work package supervised Scientific profile
Dr. Marjorie Burghart Lyon CNRS WP5 Medievalist and an expert in Digital Humanities, in particular of the TEI XML markup language.
Prof. Mario De Nonno University of Roma Tre WP1 He will take part in the research as a specialist in ancient Latin grammarians as well as in Latin textual transmission and critical editing. He has substantially contributed to our knowledge of structure, sources, and manuscript tradition of the Ars Prisciani. Moreover, in 2001 he founded the series Collectanea Grammatica Latina of Georg Olms Verlag, which he directs and which will be the publication venue for Priscian’s new critical edition.
Prof. Dr. Eleanor Dickey University of Reading WP2.3-4 and WP4 Expert in Greek and Latin scholarship as well as ancient and early medieval bilingualism.
Prof. Dr. David Ganz King’s College London WP2.1-2 Specialist in Latin palaeography, with particular focus on Carolingian manuscripts.
Prof. Marco Mancini Sapienza University of Rome WP1 Expert in Latin linguistics and history of linguistics.
Prof. Dr. Stefano Martinelli Tempesta University of Milan WP3 and WP4 Specialist in Greek and Byzantine philology; he has recently dedicated many inquiries to the study of Greek during the Renaissance.
Dr. Pádraic Moran NUI Galway WP2.3-4 Expert in early medieval glossing and scholarship. He is the editor of the Earlier Latin Manuscripts project and one of the founders of the Network for the Study of Glossing.
Prof. Dr. Costas Panayotakis University of Glasgow WP1 Specialist of the study of Latin fragmentary texts, with particular regard to early Latin literature.
Prof. Dr. Filippomaria Pontani University of Venice Ca’ Foscari WP3 He will participate in the project as an expert in ancient Greek and Byzantine scholarship and manuscript tradition of Greek texts. In addition, he is a member of the Ars Edendi Group in Stockholm and has published papers on methodological issues in classical and medieval philology.
Prof. Renzo Tosi University of Bologna WP4 He has been involved in the project as a specialist in Greek lexicography and indirect tradition of Greek classical authors.

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