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Work Packages

Work Package 1: Critical edition and translation of Priscian's Ars grammatica, books 1-18

Task 1: Collation of 8th-10th-century mss. and fragments

Task 2: Definition of a stemma

Task 3: Establishment of the critical text

Task 4: Writing of a comprehensive introduction, review, editorial refinement and publication of the print and digital editions

Task 5: Italian and English translation of the whole Ars

Work Package 2: Studies in Pre-Carolingian and Carolingian reception and dissemination (with special focus on the Greek side)

Task 1: Description of Priscian’s 8th-10 th-century mss. and palaeographical analysis of Greek and Latin writing; recognition of scriptoria and hands

Task 2: Palaeographical analysis of the Greek scripts in 8th-10th-century mss. of other authors; recognition of scriptoria and hands

Task 3: Collection and markup of the corrections and glosses on Greek words in Priscian’s text

Task 4: Philological and linguistic analysis of Carolingian bilingual glossaries, grammatical material, glosses and commentaries on Latin works encompassing Greek terms, and Carolingian translations of Greek works

Work Package 3: Studies in early modern dissemination (with special focus on the Greek side)

Task 1: Description of mss. and printed editions of the 15th-16th centuries

Task 2: Study of humanistic interpolations in Priscian’s text

Task 3: Investigation of scribes’, scholars’, and editors’ activity

Work-package 4: Critical edition, with commentary, of Priscian’s source of Attic idioms (Lexicon syntacticum Prisciani)

Task 1: Collation of the Greek literary examples and lexicographical entries quoted by Priscian in 8th-10th- century mss. and fragments

Task 2: Establishment of the critical text. Writing up and markup of apparatuses and indexes

Task 3: Writing of the commentary

Work Package 5: Digital research infrastructure

Task 1: Training of team members in digital humanities

Task 2: Support to team members in the application of digital humanities methods and tools

Task 3: Development of the digital research infrastructure and of the project website

Work Package 6: Dissemination

Task 1: Open source online digital research infrastructure

Task 2: Open access scientific publications in print

Task 3: Two international conferences

Task 4: Participation in seminars and conferences organised by other institutions

Task 5: Invited seminars by scholars from other institutions

Work Package 7: Communication

Task 1: Presentations of the project to a wide public

Task 2: School and university students’ involvement

Task 3: Internet website and social media accounts of the project

Work Package 8: Quality control

Task 1: Advice from the members of the Advisory Board

Task 2: Scientific reports to the Advisory Board

Task 3: Advisory Board meetings

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