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BISG - Interdepartmental Library of Legal Sciences

Directors: Laura Cappelli, Leonardo Sacco, Antonella Starocci, Antonio Zucaro

The BISG is made up of the 11 section libraries belonging to the Department of Legal Sciences (DSG) and to the Department of Legal and Economic Studies (DSGE), which support the related scientific research and teaching activities. It is located in the Building CU002 (Faculty of Law) and in the Building CU018 (Plesso Tecce - Section of Private Law), within the University City (see SECTIONS).
The structure has a patrimony of about 500,000 volumes, 3,000 periodicals, 313 of which are current, and some valuable historical and special collections; the 9 reading rooms of the various locations can accommodate over 300 users, in non-emergency conditions (see Study Rooms - Hours and Highlights > Room H24). In the two Departments there are also two computer rooms for the consultation of databases of legal and economic-financial interest (see USEFUL LINKS > Laboratories).
The "Regulations for the organization and delivery of services of the BISG", issued on April 13, 2015, is adopted, as a partial derogation to the "Regolamento-quadro dei servizi di biblioteca" (SBS), issued by D.R. n. 1963 of 18.08.2014, which regulates the activities and services of the Sapienza Libraries. However, users are kindly invited to consult, in detail, the provisions eventually adopted by the individual section Libraries, in the dedicated spaces.
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