Educational Activity Recognition Form (3 ECTS)

Educational activity (3 ECTS)This activity can be proposed by the professors or by the student, and can include:

  • Internship
  • Technical visits
  • Certified professional activities
  • Additional logistics knowledge
  • Certified informatics abilities

Training activities can be conducted through an internship at an external firm working in the transportation field, an external research centre, or the Department of Civil, Constructional and Environmental Engineering at Sapienza with the tutorship of a Professor or a Researcher of the Department (with a different topic from that of the Master's thesis).To be accepted, applications for training activities must be made through a project proposal with a short description of the activities (no more than 1 page). To get the necessary preliminary approval, the project proposal must be uploaded by using window A of this module, before starting the activities planned.At the end of the activities, the student has to upload a certification of completion of the training activities in window B of this module. Applications for the acknowledgement of technical visits must be made by uploading a certification stating the participation of the student in window B of this module.Applications for the acknowledgement of informatics abilities, or achieved professional activities in the transportation field, must be made by uploading the appropriate certification from a recognized institution in window B of this module.