Programme structure

Compulsory modules – core disciplines (48 ECTS)

Compulsory modules – integrative disciplines (12 ECTS)

Elective modules – transport field (24 ECTS)

Elective module(s) - freely chosen module(s) (12 ECTS)

  • Two modules of 6 ECTS or 1 module of 12 ECTS
  • Any university module or from the elective group above

Educational activity (3 ECTS)

This activity can be proposed by the professors or by the student, and can include:

  • Stages
  • Technical visits
  • Certified professional activities
  • Additional logistics knowledge
  • Certified informatics abilities

Master’s thesis (21 ECTS)

The thesis can be theoretical or experimental in the field of Transport Systems Engineering. It is supervised by a professor from the Transport Systems Engineering Education Area. It can also be conducted in collaboration with companies, research centres or organizations operating in the sector. There are various possibilities for conducting a master's thesis, such as:

  • Planning applications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design activities
  • Methods and models implementations
  • Operational analysis and verifications
  • Monitoring and investigations