Study Plan

The Study plan represents the selection of all the modules a student wants to attend during the complete master's programme. It has to submitted and approved. After the approval, you are ready for booking exams. It is usually submitted by December, i.e. before the first exam session in January.

Important information on the Study plan:

  • The study plan cannot be created until a student is officially enrolled to the programme (paid tuition fees).
  • A student cannot take any exam until a study plan has been submitted and approved (nevertheless, lessons can be attended).
  • The study plan must contain selected modules for both academic years.
  • The total number of credits must be 120. Beware that the credits do not have to be equally distributed (e.g. 30 ECTS per semester), but only the total of 120 ECTS for two years.
  • It can be submitted once per year - at the beginning of the first year and at the beginning of the second year. It the meantime, the selection of modules cannot be changed.
  • If planing Erasmus period abroad, pay attention to the selected modules from the study plan, which should be similar to the ones you plan to take during the Erasmus period.

As the student platform in only in Italian, a simple step-by-step guide on how to create and submit a study plan is provided below.

  1. Log into your Infostud account.
  2. Choose Booked exams to access the exams section.

    Booked exams

  3. Click Learning Path and then click go to educational path .

    Study plan

  4. Click Career planning to access the study plan portal.

    Career planning

  5. On this portal you can either create a new study plan or modify an existing study plan

    Create a new study plan

  6. Firstly you need to select the exams for first year of studies. Beware that the mandatory modules together with 3 ECTS for education activities are already included in study plan.

    1st year

  7. You need then to select the modules concerning 12 ECTS freely chosen by the student.

    12 freely chosen ECTS

    Note: For this section (modules freely chosen by the student), a new window will open where you can either select our elective modules, or you can select and include into your Study plan modules offered at Sapienza.

    Note: You can monitor the total number of credits you have chosen so far by looking at Crediti (ECTS). In the end, you must have an overall of 120 credits.

    12 freely chosen ECTS

  8. 12 freely chosen ECTS

  9. You need then to select the modules concerning transport specific disciplines. The total number of ECTS in two years of studies must sum up to 24. You need to select here the modules you are planning on taking during your first year of studies.

    24 transport disciplines ECTS

  10. Now you have to select the modules of second year

    2nd year

    Note: You can save at any time a current study plan modifications by clicking the Salva in bozza button (Save a draft).

    Note: After completing your Study plan, you should send it by clicking the Invia ora il piano button (Submit now the Study Plan).

    Note: You can print your Study plan in a PDF format by clicking the Esporta PDF button (Export PDF).
    Note: You can reset your Study plan by clicking the Azzera il piano button (Reset the Study plan).


  11. If your study plan does not meet the requirments an error message will appear.


  12. The errors usually occur due to two main reasons: either the total number of the ECTS is not equal to 120 or the partial sums of ECTS do not meet the requirements (12 ECTS for freely chosen modules and 24 ECTS for transport disciplines).

    total number ECTS error
    wrong ECTS distribution error