Master Degree in Transport Systems Engineering

The Master Degree in Transport Systems Engineering aims at providing Students with high-level qualifications, so as to allow them to perform and manage a wide variety of activities connected with planning, programming, operating, monitoring transport systems and their components.


The professional skills of a Transport Systems Engineer include:

  • methods to design transport systems: formulation of dimensional and performance specifications for system components;
  • models for mobility of people and goods, for transport supply on multi-modal networks, for demand/supply interaction and equilibrium calculation;
  • design and implementation of transport systems (technical and economic aspects), transport and mobility plans on different levels;
  • on-line and off-line models for transport system operations and management;
  • monitoring and ex-ante/ex-post assessment of mobility solutions from the technical, economic and environmental point of view.



The Placement is based on regular contacts with industries, operators, consultants, public agencies and administrations, research centres and any other subjects potentially interested to employ Transport Systems Engineers. Some of these subjects expressed a specific interest to host stages and finance scholarships.

Among them:

Akka Technologiesconsultancy in the railway sector

 Akka technologies


Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasportitransport regulation authority



BOMBARDIER, one of the leading companies in transport industry



FERROVIE DELLO STATO ITALIANE,  the main Italian railway company



FlixBus, mobility provider for travelling across Europe



IDAL Group, developing maritime constructions



Ikosconsultancy in the railway sector


MOVESIONmobility management



PricewaterhouseCoopers, transportation and logistics consulting



PTV SISTeMA, Spin-off of Sapienza, modelling and technological development of ITS



TEAM Engineeringtransport design and consultancy


TECHNITALengineering services for major works and consultancy





For any information mail to the Chair of Transport Systems Engineering Education Area:


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