Fees & Funding


Check out the official university page Tuition fees for detailed and updated information. Fees for the academic year 2023/24, are reported below.

  • Tuition fees
    For students with income in Italy, tuition fees depend on ISEE.
    For students with income abroad tuition fees depend on the country of origin. The details can be found on the Tuition fees webpage.
  • Regional tax
    All students must pay the regional tax, which is 140 EUR/year.
  • Other fees
    Some other fees may occur, such as (but not limited to):
    • admission requisites verification (10 EUR),
    • enrollment fee (30 EUR/year),
    • graduation fee (32 EUR),
    • extension fees in cases studying in not completed within 2 regular years.

Beware that the programme duration is 2 years, whereas the fees above are expressed per year.

Living costs in Rome

In addition to the expanses listed above, which are related to university issues, expenses related to life in Rome can be found on the page Cost of living in Rome. They include the residence permit (if needed, approximately 150 EUR/year), health insurance (if needed, approximately 150 EUR/year), rent, bills, public transport, food, free activities, etc. A lot of information about these can be found on-line, as it varies according to individual preferences (e.g. numbeo, expatistan, expats).

There are additional costs such as the Tax Stamp (marca da bollo) needed for some documents (16 EUR), bank payment provision (1.5 EUR), etc.


Below are listed some finding sources that you can explore. Some are intended to cover the total living expenses, some are intended only as an additional income (not sufficient for living).

  • University website - the first place to look. There are various opportunities listed, such as: 'Don't miss your chance', 'Invest your talent in Italy', Student collaboration scholarships, etc. If you need support, try finding contact details for each specific scholarship. You can contact the Hello office and ask for help - they may offer you advice based on their knowledge.
  • Outstanding Students - Sapienza rewards outstanding students with benefits, scholarships, prizes and more.
  • Laziodisco scholarships - although listed on the link above, we listed it out separately as it is the largest scholarship provider. You can also apply here for student dorms and fees reduction. Beware of early application deadline (usually end of July). You need to calculate ISEE for the application. For information contact directly the Laziodisco agency here.
  • European funding guide
  • Italian government scholarships - for information contact the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country.
  • Department scholarships - see below.

In addition to these, sometimes certain scholarships are offered by or through the Department and Faculty. When available, they are listed below.

As some student may be interested in work, some directions to look:

  • www.jobsoul.it - it is connected to the university for professional jobs. It works in the way that you put your curriculum on-line and interested companies contact you.
  • Generally websites that offer all kind of advertisements post also job opportunities, such as: www.subito.it, www.kijiji.it, etc.

We hope you will find a funding source among these options that you will be able to benefit from.