Transport Infrastructures

Transport Infrastructures

Instructor information

Module leader: Prof. Paola Di Mascio

Course information

ECTS: 6 credits
Status: Elective
Semester: 2
Hours: 40/20 (lectures/exercises)
Link: course page


The course introduces the basic theoretical knowledge about design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures, considering the main principles of safety and environmental sustainability.

Syllabus outline

  • Definition and type of transport infrastructure
  • Roads: History, classification, horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, cross section, intersectio
  • Infrastructures for vulnerable road users: pedestrian precincts, bicycle paths, traffic calming
  • Railway Infrastructures: horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, cross sections.
  • Airports: standard and organization of air transportation. Design and construction of runways, taxiways and apron. Organization of airport terminals.
  • Infrastructure construction: Earthwork, types of pavements, pavement design, bituminous materials, cementitious materials, construction techniques, maintenance techniques, Pavement Management System (PMS)

Essential reading list

  • Lecture notes provided by the instructor
  • Paul H. Wright “Highway Engineering”, 6th Edition June 1996, John Wiley & Sons
  • W. Kuhn “Fundamental of Road Design”, WIT press, 2013
  • N. Ashford: “Airport Engineering”, WILEY ANDE SONS New York, 2011
  • Di Mascio P., Domenichini L., Ranzo A., “Infrastrutture aeroportuali”, Edizioni Ingegneria 2000, ISBN 978-888665857– 7, febbraio 2009. (in Italian)

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