Transport Policies

Transport Policies and Terminal Design

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Prof. Chiara Colombaroni:

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Eng. Golman Rahmanifar:

Eng. Mostafa Mohammadi:

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ECTS: 6 credits Status: Elective Semester: 4 Hours: 30/18 (lectures/exercises)


This class surveys current concepts, theory and issues in two fields: the design of transport terminals and the implementation of transport policies, with an overview of the operating context, governance patterns, strategies, and management tools that are used in today's management of both. Therefore the goal of the course is to provide students with: an outline of the main planning, design and management issues in both fields; a comprehensive knowledge of the criteria to design the main types of transport terminals and proficiency in facing and solving issues related to planning and implementation of transport policies, with a focus on regulatory, environmental and management requirements.

Syllabus outline

  • Part 1 - Terminals Design - Intermodal networks - Maritime facilities: classifications, design phases, harbor services, areas dimensioning - Airports facilities: classifications and design phases, main facilities and “land side”/“air side” areas dimensioning - Railroad yards and plants: small and medium scale yards/plants; metro stations; design criteria for passenger stations - Facilities for freight distribution: overview
  • Part 2 - Transport Policies - Regulatory tools for planning and managing transportation systems, from supranational to local levels - Key issues in transportation policies - Assessing transportation policies - Successful policies: case studies - Participation and awareness: the role of citizens

Essential reading list

  • Lecture notes and a selection of additional notes for each subject

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