Maritime Transport

Maritime Transport

Instructor information

Module leader: Prof. Stefano Ricci, Prof. Luca Rizzetto

Course information

ECTS: 6 credits
Status: Elective
Semester: 2
Hours: 30/18 (lectures/exercises)
Link: course page


The course aim is to provide with basic elements of knowledge concerning the maritime transport system and the educational elements to study the railway complex system operation.

Syllabus outline

  • Introduction
  • Waterways
  • Ships floating and stability
  • Ships architecture and motion
  • Navigation control and routes management
  • Port basins: morphology and dimensioning criteria
  • Port terminals: typologies, operation and dimensioning
  • Container terminals: units and handling devices
  • Units transhipment plants
  • Port container terminals dimensioning
  • Sea-side port capacity
  • Normative and economic issues

Essential reading list

  • Lecture notes provided by the instructor

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