Traffic Engineering and ITS

Traffic Engineering and ITS

Instructor information

Module leader: Prof. Gaetano Fusco

Course information

ECTS: 12 credits Status: Compulsory Semester: 1-2 Hours: 60/36 (lectures/exercises) Link: course page Link to online class


Objectives of the course is to provide students with the following skills:

  • Learn theoretical principles of road traffic and functional principles of applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Learn technical characteristics of single components of ITS
  • Be skilled at methods for analysis and design of road traffic control and applications of ITS

Syllabus outline

  • Part One: Fundamentals - Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems - Fundamentals of Traffic Flow Theory - Fundamentals of Automatic Control - Network Modeling and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Part Two: Technologies - Traffic Monitoring Technologies - Vehicle Navigation Technologies - Software for Intelligent Transportation Systems Design
  • Part Three: Applications - Design of Traffic Signal Operation - Dynamic Traveler Information Systems - Dynamic Traffic and Transit Management Systems
  • Students’ Project - Project Description - Project Data

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