Terza Missione 2022 Project

Domestic energy efficiency helps to make better use of electricity, gas and water by reducing consumption, environmental impact and increasing comfort inside the home.

Inefficiencies in homes depend on two factors: incorrect use of appliances and dispersions through walls and fixtures. This leads to higher costs on the bill which, however, can be made lighter with small actions, which represents a great help for those who are already in situations of socio-economic vulnerability.

What are the actions that can increase our comfort and reduce the cost of bills?

Within the Terza Missione Sapienza project Energy Poverty and Solidarity Renewable Energy Communities: a multidisciplinary approach for the fair and equitable energy transition in Rome, the research group of the CITERA center has developed information sheets analyzing the following four behaviors in relation to use of household appliances:

1. What do I use best?
2. Where do I save?
3. How do I save?
4. The more you know, the more you save

The WHAT and WHERE sheets concern household appliances and systems and aim to optimize the use of energy for their operation.

The HOW and WHO sheets deal with their management in relation to the use made of them by individual users.

The behaviors of users within their home have been translated into individual actions in the use of household appliances and in the management of comfort.

For those in vulnerable socio-economic conditions, improving behavior in the use and management of energy in the home can be a great help in reducing the cost of bills.

As part of the Third Mission project, and all participants in the European Sun4All project of which CITERA is a scientific partner, who are in vulnerable socio-economic conditions, will be supported to reduce the cost of their bills, informing them about energy rights and providing them targeted advice in order to improve their living and health conditions. For this purpose, the cards represent a simple and useful information tool.

Participants will be able to access energy consultancy through the IEA defined in the SUN4All project and directed to the energy desks provided by the SECAP of the municipality of Rome in each municipality.

The free training course of the ASSIST network specifically created for the participants, beneficiaries and mentors of Terza Missione and Sun4All will also be presented.

The cards, created in Italian and English, will be distributed in paper format during the workshops planned by the project.


> Download SUN4ALL Home energy efficency cards




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