Conferenza di urban morphology

Giovedì, 27 Ottobre, 2022

Aula Magna - Piazza Fontanella Borghese, n. 9 - Facoltà di Architettura e online | ore 10:00

The Issum experiment
Innovative teaching and practicing urban form

This meeting, organized by the Draco doctorate of the Sapienza, University of Rome, will present two different and complementary experiments in teaching urban form developed inside the Kaebup European research, aimed at demonstrating the value of these studies in design practice.
The first, the ISSUM summer school held in Rome from 20 to 28 June 2022 in the Ghetto area, is based on the need for theory and method in urban design; the second, the BMW workshop held in Porto from 26 to 29 July, is based, instead, on the practical reasons of the professional practice.
Kaebup research (Knowledge Alliance for Evidence-Based Urban Practices) main goal is to create an international educational and training method on urban form studies aimed at the
professional activity of the architects. Kaebup’s partners comprise HEIs, NGOs and enterprises from different European cities, having expertise on evidence-based design.

A cura di:
Giuseppe Strappa, Dottorato Draco, Kaebup.

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