CIMEO is the multidisciplinary Laboratory of Experimental Economics at La Sapienza for research on the nature of decision-making processes and individual and group interactions. The Laboratory promotes joint initiatives in the field of experimental economics, which require interaction and collaboration between researchers from different areas of expertise and specialisation. The Laboratory conducts experiments with appropriate incentives under controlled conditions, so that factors influencing human behaviour can be identified and their effects can be measured.

The CIMEO Research Laboratory is equipped with:
- 32 workstations with Personal Computers O.S. Windows 10 with specific software already installed such as: STATA/MAT/PHYTON/Zleaf/OBS and Microsoft Office Suite. 
- All workstations are equipped with webcams for capturing and saving videos taken during the experiments.
- 2 Servers/PCs dedicated to the Zleaf/Ztree experimental software
- 2 Servers/PCs dedicated to the Noldus experimental software (Observer/Facereader/Biopac)
- Biometric equipment for the experiments on the Noldus BIOPAC MP System platform
- 1 Aruba Cloud Server to perform the experimental tests also remotely

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