Conventions and Agreements: Research

  • Ministry of Economy and Finance (contact person: Prof. Michele Raitano)
  • Ministry of Health (contact person: Prof. Siliva Fedeli)
  • National School of Administration (SNA) (contact person: Prof. Siliva Fedeli)
  • SVIMEZ (contact person: prof. Giovanni Di Bartolomeo)
  • CNEL 
  • Lazio Region (contact person: prof. Giuseppe Ciccarone)
  • INAPP (contact person: prof. Dario Guarascio)
  • Centro Economia Digitale (contact person: prof. Dario Guarascio)
  • The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) (contact person: prof. Dario Guarascio)
  • North-Caucasus Federal University (contact person: prof. Dario Guarascio)

Conventions and agreements: Training

  • INPS (contact person: prof. Giovanni Di Bartolomeo)
  • The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) (referee: prof. Dario Guarascio)
  • University of Liège
  • Alpen Adria University of Klagenfurt

Centres and other initiatives for citizens

  • Digital Economy Competency Centre (contact: prof. Dario Guarascio)
  • Thinking about it! Economic policy at your fingertips, initiative for civil society (contact person: Prof. Michele Raitano) - seminar 11 November 2021 
  • Master of Public Economics (referee: Prof. Siliva Fedeli). The master's degree course, the first to be activated at Sapienza, complements the activities of the first mission (teaching) by organising events and moments in support of the Third Mission for the dissemination of knowledge to citizens. 
  • Social State Report (contact person: Prof. Michele Raitano / Prof. Massimiliano Tancioni). The Report, drafted in the Department, constitutes a stable appointment of debate proposed by Sapienza on the structural and conjunctural problems of the welfare state linked to the more general economic-social context.

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