The 'Ezio Tarantelli' Inter-University Research Centre (CIRET) is based in the Department of Economics and Law with the aim of keeping alive the memory of Prof. Ezio Tarantelli, who was assassinated on 27 March 1985 by the Red Brigades in the Faculty of Economics at La Sapienza University. The Centre carries out scientific activities in research areas to which Prof. Tarantelli made contributions that are still exemplary in terms of both their content and method of analysis.
"Tarantelli had the civil and moral solicitation and at the same time the ability to express ideas on which to base action... he was not a man inclined to put up fences but was the tireless delineator of efforts of understanding to which he persevered without fatigue and with firm tenacity' (Federico Caffè).
A video summarises the person and ideas of Ezio Tarantelli: Spend himself to change the world (click on the image).


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