Third Mission

La Sapienza is committed to developing a vision of the university's third mission, understood as the desire to foster the application, valorisation, dissemination and transfer of knowledge, knowledge and technologies in order to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of society. Indeed, the Third Mission aims to make knowledge instrumental in obtaining economic, social and cultural benefits by promoting the economic and social growth of the territory. The Department's Third Mission activities flank its two traditional missions in Teaching and Research.

The Department pursues its Third Mission objectives through specific cultural and professional activities aimed at consolidating its role as a disseminator of knowledge and cultural actor in a network of collaborations between academia, public administration, civil society and the business world.

The Department stimulates international planning, launching local and national development programmes with local authorities, international organisations and ministries, initiating agreements and collaborations with public and private entities and enterprises, and involving citizens in cultural activities and economic and financial education. To this end, the Department has activated numerous conventions and agreements with Italian and international institutions over the years.

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