Share science

The ShareScience project aims to foster scientific synergies between faculty researchers. The project plans to catalog and make known skills and tools potentially available for multidisciplinary and translational research and for the dissemination of scientific culture. To query the catalog, we, therefore, want to create portals that increase the opportunities for anyone with an interest to systematically access the skills present within the Faculty. This “showcase” would also like to be the main entrance door for multidisciplinary research groups, for the productive world, and for the world of school and culture, with the aim of igniting those interactions with the territory that are increasingly needed.

For more details see this presentation.



  • C. Manetti (BA)
  • P. Anagnostou (BA)
  • E. Cacci (BB)
  • A. Rosa (BB)
  • I. Fratoddi (C)
  • M. Petrangeli Papini (C)
  • M. Giustini (C)
  • E. Del Re (F) 
  • R.Faccini (F)
  • M. Ortolani (F)
  • T. Scopigno (F)
  • E. Montefusco (M)
  • G. Puppo (M)
  • C. Esposito (SdT)
  • M. Della Seta (SdT)
  • D. Martucci (Presidency SMFN)
  • E. Marziali (Presidency SMFN)
  • S. Morfea (Presidency SMFN)
  • V. Palma (Presidency SMFN)

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