Gender Issues


The Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences , is committed to devote adequate attention to some issues related to diversity . In this context , the main attention is paid to the contrast of discrimination and all forms of harassment , particularly those based on sexual orientation . We want to work tenaciously to help create the university community and a serene atmosphere that allows to work and study in an environment where full respect for the freedom of the person are never jeopardized . And where those who hold more responsibility to be fully aware of the importance of working on these issues .

These pages wish to gather in a systematic way and easily accessible information on Wisdom initiatives and especially the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. We report the desire to inform the effective participation of women in the various areas of work , the desire to use the achievement of a language , also in the administrative, fully respectful of differences and, not least , the active contrast to homophobic behavior and harassment sexual .



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