Who we Are

Who we are

“We study what exists, we could invent the remainder”

The Faculty of Mathematical, Natural and Physical Sciences is constituted of about 500 Professors, over 8,000 students and almost 200 administrative and library staff. After the approval of the latest University Statutes, our Faculty now comprises 6 departments, which are the hub of both research and teaching.

The Faculty of Mathematical, Natural and Physical Sciences currently groups subjects very different from each other for their methods and subjects of study. Each area is in turn an expanding universe, ranging from the study of life to the design of supercomputers. Experimental sciences aim to explain the phenomena of our world through observation and the performance of laboratory experiments, which help to elaborate theoretical models or to verify an hypothesis. Their mutual aim is to formalize knowledge in a mathematical language able to quantify phenomena according to a scientific method.

The Faculty is committed to fostering and coordinating initiatives with the aim of improving the services offered to students and of optimizing and coordinating the commitment of its teaching staff as well as that of the administrative and library staff. Thanks to our excellence in research, the Italian University confirms its proud heritage; with their undisputed worldwide repute and charisma, our best researchers ensure the continuity of our traditions; our valuable administrative and library staff support both faculty and students by carrying out complex and cutting edge projects.

The Faculty struggles to remain one of the reference points for the development of science in Italy, despite the progressive cutback of the overall University funding.

We believe we have to smooth the path of our students by providing them a high-quality teaching that may facilitate their approach to the labour market. There is lots of room for improvement for the University as a whole with regard to such issues, for which all of the Faculty will cooperate with the utmost commitment.


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