Gender Issues: initiatives and events


Le Costituenti, storia di donne e politica in mostra alla Casa della Memoria






Women and Science



Promotion of equal opportunity in che scientific and technological culture, a list of subjects interested in a collaboration with the Department.






Women of Matematics throughout Europe: a gallery of portraits


Wednesday, December 7, Aula Picone - Inauguration
    17:00 Opening of the exhibition
Thursday, December 15, Aula Picone - Formation Day for Teachers (1)
    Girls diligent and talented male: gender stereotypes in teaching
    of mathematics
    15:30 Patrizia Colella (head teacher ITES Olivetti Lecce, professor of
                     mathematics and physics, a member of Women in Science,
                     member of the group of opportunities UMI)
    16:10 Cynthia Belmonte (mathematics, dottora Research in Astronomy,
                     founding member of FormaScienza)
    17:30 Debate: the word to teachers
Friday, December 16, Classroom III - Orientation Day for students
    Women give the numbers: studying and working with math
    15:30 Alessandra Celletti (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
                     "Recipe for dark matter in the Universe: a supposed witch,
                      a refrigerator, a smile and some brilliant scientists. "
    16:15 Roundtable on opportunities and obstacles in the relationship between girls and
                      Mathematics: the students meet math in the world
                      academia and labor.
                      Introduces Elena Gagliasso (University of Rome La Sapienza)
(1) Teachers will receive a certificate useful for recognition of as an update.



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