STRESS:Human performance neurometrics Toolbox for highly automated systems design

What is Stress Project

Funder: Horizon 2020, Call: H2020-SESAR-2015-1, Topic: Sesar-01-2015 Research and Innovation Action, grant Number: 699381. 

Duration: 2 years 


European Air Traffic Management (ATM) system is expected to face challenging situations, with the growth of traffic, the increase of its complexity (with the progressive introduction of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - RPAS), the introduction of innovative concepts (such as 4D trajectories) and increased automation. The roles and tasks of Controllers will change in the future and it is vital to enhance the comprehension of human response to changes in role, monitoring of complex situations, unexpected disruptions. It is also vital to develop tools to investigate such aspects and to monitor in real time controllers' fitness to the task, and anticipate risk and problems. Controllers' performance is recognised to be impacted by several aspects such as stress, workload, emotions, attentional resources available, attention focus and so on. In the recent years, the concept of Human Performance Envelope (HPE) has been introduced as new paradigm in Human Factors (HF). Rather than focusing on one or two individual factors (e.g. fatigue, situation awareness, etc.), it considers a range of common factors in accidents and maps how they work, alone or in combination, to avoid performance reduction that could consequently affect the safety.


To define the factors composing the HPE in future SESAR scenarios by mapping the relevance of HF concepts on the characteristics of the ATM scenarios (e.g. less tactical interventions, high automation support, multi-sector operations, and so on). In addition, to identify neurophysiological indexes for the real-time monitor of stress, attentional level, workload, level of cognitive control, emotional arousal.


  • ENAC (École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile): Training school for Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.
  • Università "Sapienza": Experts in augmented reality and neurometrics assessment.
  • Anadolu University: Turkish University with faclities for Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots training.
  • Deep Blue: Experts in Human Factor concepts, safety and validation.
  • Eurocontrol (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation): Intergovernmental organisation with 41 States, committed to building, together with its partners, a Single European Sky that will deliver the air traffic management (ATM) performance required for the twenty-first century and beyond.



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